Metal Industry Companies

MIBFA - Metal Industries Benefit Funds Administrators

MEIBC - The Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council

SAISI - South African Iron & Steel Institute

AFSA - Aluminum Federation of South Africa

SAIF - South African Institute of Foundrymen

NAACAM - National Association of Automotive Component and Allied Manufacturers

SAISC - South African Institute of Steel Construction

SAIW - Southern African Institute of Welders

SAISF - South African International Steel Fabricators

Industry Associations

MRA - Metal Recyclers Association

SAWA - South African Wire Association

STEASA - Steel Tube Export Association of South Africa

ASTPM - Association of Steel Tube and Pipe Manufacturers of South Africa

SASSDA - Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association

CEA - Constructional Engineering Association

EEAIA - Electrical Engineering and Allied Industries Association

HDGASA - Hot Dip Galvanizers Association Southern Africa

SAFRA - South African fabric reinforcement Association

SAVAMA - SA Valve and Actuators Manufacturers Association

AFSA - Aluminium Federation of Southern Africa

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Trade Unions

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Merseta - Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services

MQA - SETA for Mining and Minerals Sector

TAS online - Engineers Toolbox

Engineering News - Engineering News Online

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